Kristina and Niari were born and raised in Boston. Both ZOOS girls grew up on healthy Mediterranean diets and family traditions, where they were taught to appreciate and respect our Earth and the food it provides us in its most natural form.

Kristina grew up spending Summers in Greece with her Yia-Yia and Papou. Greek Mountain Tea was a stable tradition she enjoyed with her family while visiting in Greece. After attending College in Florida (where she fell in love with Iced-Tea), and living in New York City, she moved back home to launch ZOOS, All Natural Greek Iced Teas.

Both ZOOS Girls partnered up to take a secret family recipe and share it with the world. "Handpicked from the Greek Mountain tops and brewed in the purest form, we are excited to introduce America to a product that we fell in love with years ago. We can feel good at the end of the day knowing that our products hope to aid people in wellness, recovery & health."

From our family to yours, YAMAS!
(Cheers) to you and your health!